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Would you like some extra LiteStix for your light?  Each light originally purchased comes with 3 complete LiteStix with bulb, however, the lights can handle up to 12 LiteStix per light.  Adding more LiteStix will increase the intensity of the light illuminating from it and remember, if you should ever want to "dim" the light, just take out a few LiteStix.  The table below tells you which size LiteStix you will need for your size lamp.  Each one comes completely assembled with 1 light bulb.

 Style #14DSTX, For 14" diameter bowl @ 50- each


Style #11DSTX, For 11" diameter bowl @ 45- each


Style #8DSTX, For 8" diameter bowl @ 40- each


Other Accessories & Replacement Parts

Light Bulbs:

        Frosted @ 4.00 each

        Colored @ 5.00 each (specify Red, Blue or Green)

Glass Beads (for bottom of bowl decoration) @ 10.00/bag  

      (specify Clear/Frosted or Blue)

Hex Key (to screw in replacement bulbs) @ 1.00

Extra Set Screws @ .50 each

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